South Indy Rats

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INDY Lines

Within my breeding program, I use line-breeding as a means to keep desired traits as visual and strong as possible. I have three different lines at this time, and each is geared toward a specific goal as is each and every litter I produce here. Below, you can find out more about my lines and what goals I have for each of them.

Black Line [3 generations as of 11/16/2017]

Description: These are the first rats I started South Indy Rats with back in October 2016, therefore they hold a special place in my heart. This is the line that I will always go back to in order to "fix" anything in another line as they have the sweetest temperaments and a large build. The females from this line tend to act more like males; they practically turn to putty in your hands.

Goals: I want to get this line to be solid black, or black self. This marking can come in handy with so many things for my other lines, as well as any new lines I may bring in, in the future. I also want to breed away from the satin gene for a bit. That gene males the rats on the smaller side, and that's not what I am wanting.

Black-eye Siamese / Burmese [1 generation as of 11/16/2017]

Description: This line comes from a breeder friend in Ohio. They have great temperaments and such soft wavy fur, although they should have more coarse fur as they as Rex coats. This line has quite a history to it, so I'm excited to be able to work with them! Thus far, they are so sweet!

Goals: I am aiming at beefing up their size for one, but I definitely want to work on getting their rex fur those tight, tight curls. Right now they tend to be more wavy.

Marble [2 generations as of 11/16/2017]

Description: This is a new variety to the community, so many health and temperament issues haven't fully been addressed. The starting pair I got are sweet rats, but unfortunately, they do leave much to be desired compared to my Black Line. They also have quite pointy heads and narrow shoulders.

Goals: Number one priority with this line, is monitoring health and overall temperament. Eventually, I do want to work and getting more contrast in their marbling, or spotting, in order to really make them pop. I am hoping to be able to help this with outcrossing to my Black Line, while at the time same time getting them to have better, healthier conformation.

Here are some photos of the animals I currently incorporate into my program!