South Indy Rats

Quality over quantity!


When purchasing animals from me, I do not place holds on individual babies unless you are an approved breeder or past adopter. The way I have chosen to attack this to keep everyone happy and me sane, is with a deposit list. Those that are interested can contact me at my e-mail address below, and send a deposit through PayPal. That step guarantees you a baby, and the sooner you send a deposit means you have a better chance of getting what baby you want!

The sequence of picking available babies is as follows: INDY, approved breeders, past adopters, new adopters.

Rats: $30 each, $60 per pair

Mice: $5 for males, $10 for female pair

Chinese Hamsters: $10 each, or $15 per pair

Current/ Planned Litters

WTR Braun X INDY Charlotte
Paired 11/9/2017
**This is a father x daughter breeding. I am hoping to get better rex coats in the babies as well as hopefully give them all the temperament of Braun; he's so laidback and chill!
Expecting: All Dumbo ears. Siamese, Burmese, Russian Blue Burmese and maybe even some Russian Blues!

RR09 JRPR Black Buck X INDY Lilly

Paired 11/9/2017

This is a cross of my Black Line to my Marble line. The marble line has some weak immunity where my blacks do not. So I am hoping to strengthen that as well as help more with the contrast of the marble pattern. 

Expecting: All standard coat and ears. All black babies; some should be marble!

Other Pets

Above: Newborns and an older sibling.
Right: 1.5 week old babies
I also usually have some amazing Chinese Hamsters! These little guys are (in my opinion) the best first pets for kids! With an average lifespan of 2-3 years, their gentle nature and smaller stature make them a wonderful addition to a family. They do well with handling and are ever inquisitive! Compared to their larger "cousins", the Syrian Hamster, Chinese Hamsters are much smaller, but also more active during the day time usually, allowing more interaction!
Please note,
I will only adopt rats out in pairs, unless you can show proof of another rat in your ownership. I will require pictures of this should you inquire about a single baby. Rats are extremely social animals and science has proven that being alone can negatively affect a rats mental and physical wellbeing.
Chinese Hamsters can be sold either individually or in pairs only. 
Mice: Females are sold in pairs only. Males must live alone; they are very territorial!