South Indy Rats

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Why Choose us?

Our Mission...

The mission of South Indy Rats is to breed animals that are - at a genetic level - friendly. Health is also a big concern, but it plays deeper than the environment. The bone structure of an animal has many correlations to the health of that animal. That is why I have become a member and an advocate of The American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association (AFRMA). I follow visual guides to ensure that the animals who are in my program are stepping stones to insure that I can create rats that follow and show ideal bone structure and temperament that aids in the longevity of the animal and its predecessors. 

I also want to help de-stigmatize rats; they are not mean, dirty, gross creatures. They are very clean and extremely intelligent little things. There are plenty of videos you can search that show how rats can understand words and hand signals just as dogs can! They make wonderful pets for a novice caretaker, or someone who is looking for a more laid back companion.

History of South Indy Rats...

South Indy Rats was officially started in October of 2016. In the past I have owned many different species of animals from mice, hamsters and rabbits, to cockatoos and dogs. Rats were able to squeeze their way into my heart as such a fun, loving, and interesting little creature. Many folks who have rats started with the prettiest one from a large box pet store, or from a feeder bin at a mom and pop shop. While I have done the same thing, I have also done research and found breeders and received rats from them. The difference was night and day! This is the reason I have opened my home to these animals. I know what it is like to have a pet that is terrified of you, or bites you. I also know what it is like being able to enjoy your pet who also enjoys you!
With that said, taking the right steps to work with a breeder can be scary, but please rest assured that I am human too! I know what it is like being in your position and I am here to make friends along the way, not enemies.
So never be afraid to reach out to me and ask questions; my inbox is always open! You can reach me at [email protected].